Can erotica increase a level of low testosterone?

low testosterone

The problems in private life cause stress and lead to edgy behavior. That is why this topic is discussed a lot. One of the reasons for decline of sex drive is low testosterone. This hormone is responsible for arousal and performance so if the amount of it is not enough, a man loses ability to be satisfied. What are the ways to improve the situation? Perhaps erotica might be able to increase low testosterone in men. How should a man use it to achieve the best result?

What is erotic?

Erotic does not mean pornography. The artists’ works of this kind first of all engage a man’s sense and offer to judge about beauty of human body and relationships. Thus, eroticism represents a vision of beauty. Of course, there is also difference between the aesthetic and the erotic; the latter leaves little to the imagination causing the obvious reaction – arousing or satisfying sexual desire. It is always marked by a sexual desire. The studies suggest that men with ED caused by low testosterone can use erotic materials to change for the better. The numerous tests show that watching erotic helps men with low testosterone to increase its level. If a man has normal testosterone levels, none boost is observed. Though, there are doubts about such an effect. Some doctors say that if a real relationship cannot lead to arousal why that sexually explicit material should help and increase production of testosterone. Let’s clear up.

Influence of testosterone

You can hardly believe but the researchers do not know for sure how testosterone increases libido, which varies widely between males. It is not even possible to determine the generally excepted state with a normal libido as far as one man considers it a low sex drive, and the other one is completely satisfied. What is measureable that’s a hormone level. Though, low testosterone can provide sexual desire and vice versa sometimes libido may decrease even with normal testosterone levels. Still the insufficient amount of this hormone is one of the possible reasons for decline in sex drive.

Testosterone and Erotica

With good reason the scientists insist that sexual behavior including review of erotic material increases testosterone. Moreover, sexual arousal even without that behavior also can increase testosterone levels. There is a scientific proof that just watching erotic movies or pictures without being engaged in sexual activity of any kind men get increased testosterone levels. Here we can watch an interesting interaction of psychological and biological factors impacting on human arousal. In this way psychology influences on biochemistry and that is natural. Visual stimulation can be an efficient tool of a sexual therapist helping to get the expected results. And what is really interesting – a man needs a visual material, and if he is offered just to think of sex without any picture or movie, no major increase in testosterone levels is observed.

Erotica in a relationship

Being in relationship men should take into attention their partners attitude to erotic material and it will be preferable to inform them about using erotica for increase of hormone levels. Understanding and sharing of this experience for a partner’s part would be of help. The man should ask his partner whether she would like to enjoy the erotica together with him if of course it does not prevent him from being concentrated. This experience can be a fun adventure for both of them. It is very important to avoid turning a partner off while arousing. If the tastes differ, it is better to view the erotica privately.